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What Makes A Home?

Posted May 02 2013 3:19pm

I’m back in LA after a week long excursion to NYC and Vermont, and for the first time since I moved to LA , I’ve been able to take a step back and see my life in Los Angeles from a distance rather than in the thick of things.

I spent the entire weekend in Vermont in various states of cold.  And the weather was not even that cold – it’s not you Vermont, it’s me and my wussy inability to capture and maintain heat.  While everyone else was working in the great outdoors in t shirts  I was huddled in a corner in borrowed layers and blue chattering lips.  Silly California girl.  Score one for the west coast weather.

While in NYC I had a marathon of seeing friends and family – which made me realize how much I miss that safety net beyond Steve.  It takes time to build it, and 4 months ain’t gonna cut it.  I have a new nephew and I’m going to miss knowing him as he grows up.  Sorry LA, but the east coast wins on this one.  At least for the time being.


When I went to the supermarket on the east coast, I saw California produce in the aisles.  Avocados.  Lemons.  Berries.  Having all the stuff be local and affordable out west is pretty fantastic – especially for my lemon obsession (I now clean with lemons – more on that later).  Good quality ingredients are much easier to come by and not to mention much cheaper out west.  Yummy for you LA.



Los Angeles is home to some really ridiculous things.  Think of how crazy celebrities are and then imagine what would have happened to them if they didn’t make it.  Maybe they’d be this guy:


Or perhaps treasured Los Angeles weatherman Dallas Raines who has shown me that orange really does go with everything.  Even a pink tie.


It’s too easy to sit in one place and imagine how much better your life would be in another.  And sometimes all it takes to appreciate what you have is to take a step back and realize that life is good – it’s really good.  There’s pros and cons to every life decision:  where to live, whether or not to have children, which career path to take – and we’re conditioned to idealize the choice that we didn’t make, the road not taken.   And I’m sure I would be idealizing the life I lead at this very moment had I not made the move out west.

But coming home made things very clear.  My family is in LA – and that trumps everything.

IMG_1956 It’s good to be home.

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