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What is the red string lines in my vaginal discharge?

Posted by Michelle T.

Yes, I'm a 35 yr. old  obese woman with two children.  They are 16 yrs apart.  I had my first pregnancy at age 18.  I married a different man in '97 and in '98 we tried having a baby with no luck.  It took us 8/9 yrs before I became pregnant with our daughter.  She was born in Oct. '07.  I became pregnant again by accident in February of '08 with what turned out to be twins.  I miscarried BOTH at 9 weeks.  My and my husband have recently started trying again and I was wondering about a discharge that I had a few days ago.  I normally have a little bit of discharge all month and sometimes it gets heavier and sometimes it doesn't.  While trying to conceive our daughter we went through all the temperature, mucus, Clomid, etc... I learned my body pretty well after all those years.  He finally diagnosed me with PCOD because of my weight.  Needless to say, my cycle has never been "normal."  Anyway, this month for some reason I didn't have any discharge at all after my period and then about a week or two ago I had a thick, clear, stretchy discharge which I took as ovulation time.  We tried for a week or maybe a little more or a litte less.  The discharge went away again after about a few days. Two or three days later I went to the rest room and after I wiped I had a real real LIGHT pink,brown, discharge real thin on the paper, the second time I wiped I had a slightly thicker discharge that was perfectly clear except for what looked like little blood veins.  After that, I have had nothing.  I was just wondering what the little stings of blood were and if that was normal considering I have never had that before and it never happened again. With my weight and my PCOD I was just wondering if maybe I became pregnant and something went wrong.  I'm just looking for any answers.  I'm trying to calm myself because we want another one and I am scared to death that we wont be able to or if I do become pregnant, I will lose it like I did with the twins.  Can you please help me?
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