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wHAT is the normal range for the thickness of the uterus - post menopause?

Posted by joanie

what is normal range for thickness of uterus post-menopause?
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I have read that normal post menopausal thickness has a cutoff point of about 4 to 5 mm's.  There seems to be differing opinions on that though.  Even at that cutoff point, so to speak, it seems that's potential other causes that are benign in nature but, warrant further testing (ie: uterine biopsy) to rule out other things like complex hyperplasia and of course, the usual feared "C" word.  So, the above responder's 2mm thickness was within normal ranges but, does not necessarily mean it's the "top" thickness level.  Does that make sense? 
I wish I knew the correct answer, I just had an ultrasound and the measurement to this supposidly 'normal' ultrasound was 2mm in thickness - so this must be in 'normal' range as my transvaginal ultrasound report states this and that it's normal.  Hope this helps...but I'm not a doctor!  Take care!
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