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What is abdominal tenderness in right-middle abdomen associated with?

Posted by Lita W.

When I apply pressure to the right side of my abdomen, about midway down, I experience localized tenderness.  If I'm lying down and I apply pressure to the area and then flex my abdomen in order to lift my torso, I cannot feel the tenderness. 

I often feel bloated and "gurgly" in my abdomen as well.  I also feel like I have pressure under my ribcage on the right when I'm seated (like when I was pregnant and the baby was occupying every crevice).

What could this be associated with?  I've researched my symptoms --I don't have burning, heartburn, or indigestion, cramping, nausea or vomiting, blood in my stool, fever, fatigue or weight loss/gain.  I'm 32 years old --I'm totally freaked out that it could be a tumor.  Please help!

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