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What does it mean if for 2 months i had brown spotting after my period & this month instead of a period i had brown spotting?

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my cycle has always been exactly 30 days. i am very regular. i have one son who is almost two. for the last 3 months, my cycles have been irregular. for 2 months, i had my period. it was completely normal period for me. however, both months, 3 days after my period would end i would have dark brown spotting that lasted about 4 days. the first time this happened, i called my gyn. & she had me do blood tests to check for pregnancy, abnormal hormone levels, and thyroid function. all tests were normal. the spotting reoccured the next month, but i let it slide. now this month, my period was 2 weeks late, and then i began having the same dark brown spotting. it lasted about 8 days, was only enough to get on the pad a little bit. i took 2 pregnancy tests 3 days apart and both were negative. any thoughts?
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