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what do you need to think when you plan you wedding party

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:13am

what do you need to think when you plan you wedding party

The most memorable day in one’s life is wedding. So to make this wedding more memorable people organize there wedding parties as these parties are the way to get together with the family and friends. Wedding party’s decorations are really a pleasure to see as they are differently decorated with respect of other parties.


There are many different ways to decorate the party venue. Some decorate them with lots of flowers and some with lots of lights. These parties are held at special places like resorts and five starts hotels but now a day to make them really special they are planned at cruses. The decoration of every weeding party is almost same what changes is the theme of that party. Some have fixed dress codes to make it look more extraordinary. The decoration should be done in such a superb way that it reflects the happy mood of the organizer and set very one amazed. While the decoration is done the most important thing to keep in mind is that see whether the decoration is done according to your need and it should not be over done.

Today, most weddings with a variety of bridesmaids use dresses that fit with the various body types, rather than being a cookie cutter dress worn by everyone. It makes sense to select a style that looks best on a thin person and a separate one that looks best on a larger body type. At one time most bridesmaid gowns were designed for the thin body type and did not translate well to larger body sizes. Today, however, dresses are designed specifically for plus sizes as well. Some designers even have selections in both plus size dresses and thinner body style designs that blend together into the same ceremony.

To properly select bridesmaid dresses, the bride needs to decide on her gown first. The only way to choose complementary styles for the bridesmaids is to know what the bride intends to wear. Knowing how formal it will be can ease the choice.

You can show your appreciation to your wedding party by giving them a small thank you gift. This should be different than the wedding favors; because everyone gets them. There is no right gift; it is whatever you want to give them to remember this special occasion. You can also have something engraved to commemorate your wedding. The choice is up to you.

Traditionally, bridesmaids pay for their dress but the bride selects the dress or at least the color and general style. Nowadays it is popular for brides to just select the color and let the bridesmaids choose their own dress. The best man and groomsmen will be required to dress as the groom and they also pay for their suit or tux rental. It is easier if you rent the suits or tuxedos so everyone will look the same. To make sure that the groom stands out from his groomsmen you might want to have his tie or vest a different color. Articles from

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