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What Do Wedding Rings Symbolises

Posted Jan 21 2013 7:16am

What Do Wedding Rings Symbolises

Wedding rings symbolises endless relationship between couples. That is why it is shaped as a circle because it means unending. It also symbolizes love, commitment and a special bond between the couple. A wedding ring is a symbol of marriage and marriage means a profound love that which we are capable to give. It is also a part of culture where people exchange rings during wedding as a seal of marriage. Many may have wondered or I too have been thinking why put the ring on the index finger of the left hand. I have read an article that both the Romans and Egyptians believed that a vein called the “vena amoris” in Latin ran directly from that finger to the heart.


Wedding rings are not just an ordinary accessory. It is a symbol of commitment that both the couple will be reminded that they have responsibility with each other and it will be a reminder of that sworn during their marriage. A wedding ring is also a symbol for the couple that they have decided to be together until the end. “Till Death Do As Part”.

Engagement rings symbolize love, caring, commitment, affection, security, dedications and a very special bond for eternity and that’s the reason why engagemtn rigns are the most important part of the wedding. A simple thing that carries an important meaning in every part of a woman’s life. It shows to the world that she’s committed and soon to get wed and a pride on a woman’s part if she will have this kind of experience. The once in a lifetime moment that she can treasure. The ring has shown its commitment to a woman to accept a particular person in the marriage relationship and has become a common practice, men engage to give rings to women. Different cultures to this day maintain different practices and rituals regarding engagement rings.

There is a variety of choices of rings for the occasion of marriage today. The most popular brand are diamond rings which are widely considered as the best and use gemstones giving style stunning beauty, craftsmanship and quality..

Totally the whole world over engagement rings are placed over the left hand on the ring finger because being popular romantic belief that the love vein passes beneath this finger. Women and men also believe placing the finger on the left hand results in greater strength for the new bond, so the concept of engagement rings is certainly not a new one is a tested in time expression of commitment and love. Articles from:

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