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what could this sore on my arm be?

Posted by xox.kristaa.xox

I got this sore on my arm tht started off lookinglike a bug bite. At first it hurt when i would touch it and it was itchy. The sore blistered over and stopped hurrting but remained itchy. theres a tiny hole in the middle of the sore around the hole is a deep brown and around over the wholesore is a white film and a white ring. i have ring worm on my face that i have been treating for over two weeks.. this sore on my arm looks nothing like the ring worm though..

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Hair follicles & oil glands can often become clogged & infected, leading to boils & pimples, even abscesses or pus pockets.  Best to have your family physician evaluate your sore and determine the appropriate antibiotic if necessary.  Resistant bacteria is a big concern these days so be sure to always wash your hands!

You can do two things that will help you and your physician.  First, apply warm compresses to any infected area (you apply ice to injuries).  Second, use a ball point pen and mark off the red/brown area and then date/time your (rough) circle.  That way, you & your physician can objectively determine whether your infection is getting better or spreading.

Good luck!

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