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What could this be..... and...... now should i be worried........

Posted by kirsjake

Hi there,

I am a 38yr old woman who has never really had any health issues, however 3yrs ago i noticed a small  swelling  under my left armpit, i was very scared and did seek medical advice, the doctor did give me a course of antidiotics to take but this didnt seem to have any effect on the swelling and where it wasnt  causing me any discomfort i forgot about. About a yr or so after finding the swelling, i noticed  my bra's were becoming uncomfortable just on that left side and the lump had increased.

So back to the doctor i went, this time i was given some cream that i had to apply after i had shaved under my arm. However over the last 3-4 months i have noticed a massive difference in the swelling, the swelling starts at the top of my armpit down to the bottom of my left boob, my left boob is noticeble different not only to me but to my family and friends.

For the last 3 months i have been finding it more uncomfortable and now i would say it is becoming  painful, i have become very tried, suffering night sweats, have inchy skin that wakes me in the night, and  have been having a lot of boils in my left groin area which seem to have 3-4 even 5 heads before popping, i also have been suffering which tingerling and numbing feeling in my left should towards the base of my neck.

I did go and get a 2nd opition last week from a different doctor, who has arranaged for me to have a ultra sound at the hospital on the 27th of this month............Please Please Please can some one tell me what i could be looking at and wether or not the things that i have been suffering from are all conected to this swelling and lump on my left armpit and boob.....  i would be very grateful if uyou could enlighten me with any information at all

Warmest regards      Kirstjake

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