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what could be causing my reddish brown discharge?? i just had my period 10 days ago...

Posted by Amonka21

i just had some reddish-brown discharge when i went to the bathroom. i also have lower abdominal pain and was checked by my family doctor and my OB/GYN. neither found anything. my OB/GYN put me on Demulen, it helped with the pain for about a month but the pain still persists. i had gone to the ER to get this pain checked and the doctor who looked at me just said i had a UTI, my family doctor checked me about a week after the ER doctor and i did not have a UTI. i dont know what to do. i did not have these pains when i was pregnant with my son. so i dont think that is it. althought it could be possible. HELP! What could this be? What could be causing this ?? it has been going on for a year and i have not gotten a clear answer! i also had a miscarriage in December 2007.

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