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What could be causing abdominal swelling?

Posted by CYD

In February I had sygmoid surgery. After a few weeks into the healing process the lower abdomen swelling went down; the upper was swollen for quite awhile longer; it was explained that this was the point of incision. What has me concerned is that I weighed 107lbs (normally about 115) after the surgery and have only put on about 3 or 4 lbs since then but, my lower abdomen is swollen like I'm 6 mos pregnant. When I cough or have bm, the area becomes very hard, especially below the navel; I have been experiencing pins and needles occasionally and find that the area above my navel is tender. What could be causing this? My doctor isn't concerned because  he says it's not hard or protruding, like a hernia I guess. My abdomen was no where near this large before the surgery; my doctor told me to get a girdle.

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