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What could be causing a tickle in my throat then coughing fits that lead to gagging? nothing ever is brought up, but I have it a

Posted by farleyrhcp

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The voice box or larynx is at the base of the throat. The cough reflex resides there and is a protective response to prevent saliva or food from entering the lungs. Anything that irritates the larynx can cause that tickle sensation that leads to a cough with little stimulation. The usual causes of this irritation are acid reflux from the stomach and post nasal drip from allergies. treating both of these will usually eliminate the cough.
For reflux I usually reccomend lelvating the head of the bed 6 inches to prevent relux while sleeping. That and, with the approval of your doctor, some basic allergy meds can go a long way to eliminate the cough. Before you do any of this, however, you should visit your doctor to be sure there is no infection or other serious condition that needs to be treated.
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