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what causes red painful sores on pubic hair when period comes

Posted by health101

I got checked in April for the same symptoms...and the doctor thought it was genital warts at first but when all my test came back i was clean for all STD's....I am very hairy in my vagina area and do shave down there and at first it was what i thought a hair bump and i squeezed it in like january and was putting alcohol on it and peroxide to treat it and then cover in with a bandaid. It will what i thought heal up and go away. But i have it again and it's August and i noticed in July And This current month that it comes right when my period come. ALso when i got tested in April (and i do get tested often and i have had one sexual partner over the past year) the doctor prescribed Aldara before the results came back and i did use them as prescirbed even though my test came back clean. i think i made a mistake and put the cream on this current sore. So what coould be happening? Just an infected ingrown hair bump??


Oh and the doctor did swab this in April and it wasn't herpes or anything when the test came back

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