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what causes bleeding a week after having a normal period?

Posted by neece

okay so i had my period sept.26-29 and it was a normal period. came when it was suppose to and lasted for as long as it usually does. then fast-forward to oct. 5 me and my bf are fooling around, we dont have condoms so we dont go all the way, and im not on birth control because we hardly ever have sex, like once a week, but we always use condoms. the next day we have condoms so we have sex safely. then on the next day, oct. 7., after using the restroom i notice theres a dark muggish red color on the tissue. i instantly notice its spotting, but i have never spotted this late after having my period. usually a few days after but not a week! then this morning, friday oct. 8, i use the restroom and to my surprise theres even MORE bleeding, and its a definite red color. i have no cramps or abdominal pain, no feeling of fainting or dizzyness. i called the advise nurse at the hospital and she tells me "sometimes theres no explanation to why this happens to women, or it can be a cut in your cervix, a polyp..", very comforting to me (NOT). nonetheless i scheduled an appt with my obgyn on monday. but my real question is WHY /WHAT IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?
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