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What caused me to vomit right after I ate?

Posted by afrank028

I ate breakfast - bagel with cream cheese, apple juice, and a multivitamin.

Within ten minutes after I had finished eating I uncontrollably threw up. Unable to control vomiting is very rare for me. I'm most often able to hold it down.

I have no idea why this occured. I felt fine before hand and after other than feeling light headed and headache a few hours later.

Previously, I had my unusual period (came late but I always skip and flucuate, began with a small brownish discharge before it went to be red, was longer than usual, and steadily got heavier before it stopped. The following two weeks I've had constipation, ocassional cramps, headaches, very fatigued, light headed/dizzy, and quite irriatitable. The past few days these symptoms have died down a bit but then I had this vomiting occur.

I know these are symptoms of pregnancy however from what I understand my period was too heavy and too long for it to have been implantation bleeding.

I am going to the doctors tomorrow but any ideas as to why this occured would be very appreicated. Thank you.


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