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what are these small bumps on my labia? and is it normal to have pink/light brownish dishcharge two weeks after my period?

Posted by paranoid

intially there was only a single spread to the opposite labia but only smaller (like chickenskin coz i also shave it completely and its grown back to atleast a cm). its sometimes itchy. im scared. could it possibly be warts or std that i got from having contact with my recent bf 4 days ago?? i also noticed another thing.. pinkish to light brown dicharge started appeearing after the contact.initailly it smelled like fresh blood from a genital tissue, and later that afternoon it changed to foulsmelling odor.. my friend suggested maybe its normal knowing that ive just had my period 2weeks ago,maybe some old not sure if thats possible,i really hope so..or mybe there could be some lacerations during the intrcourse.. im really freaked!!!


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