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what are the risks of cauterization and will it effect fertility?

Posted by carla85

I have been having abnormal bleeding, discharge and long heavy periods for 3 years. I had been to the doctors lots of times but they said it was my change of contraceptives and that it was normal. I recenlty saw a new doctor who immediately sent me to see a gynaecologyst and he told me that i had a cervical errosion which is a clot of abnormal cells?! I am having a cautery to the cervix in 3 weeks but am unsure of the risks and how/if it will effect my chance of fertility. Also, i work as a dental nurse and am sat all day and i was advised that i will have very heavy discharge and bleeding for 4-6 weeks. How bad will it be and how long should i take off work as i am unable to to wear tampons in case of infection and will be very uncomfortable wearing pads. Thanks.

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