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What are my options with Chronic UTIs?

Posted by MsEBrown

I have dealt with UTIs since day one of sexual activity. I have experienced recurrent UTIs oftentimes 4-5 infections a month and finally had enough and went to my MD. After getting a referral to a urologist, I was put on nitrofurantoin and prescribed to take one pill after intercourse. I still got the occasional UTI in the past year I’ve been on the pills but the frequency was lessened substantially enough it seemed until the past few months.


I have now experienced quite painful burning with urination after every time I have sex even if I don’t get a UTI and have gotten a few more UTIs in the past months than I care to deal with. I am scheduled to meet my urologist soon but I was wondering if there were other options rather than simply upping my dose of antibiotics as has already been suggested. I feel like the antibiotics worked for a while and now I am not feeling the benefit as much. I do not want to live tied to my bottle of nitrofurantoin or whatever else may be prescribed to me!


I was wondering if there was any supplemental information I could gather prior to meeting with the urologist that would help me get him to understand that I want something else. I wonder what other options there are for me or if there could be an underlying issue that is causing all of these painful UTIs. I have been hospitalized twice also for kidney infections and I am basically at my wits end.  There is so much pain and paralleled amounts of money involved in this process and I really can't handle much more. It has gotten to the point where I now avoid sex at all costs and it is taking its toll on my happiness and wellbeing. I just want to know what I can do or say or ask of my doctor or if another type of specialist or doctor could help me in another way. 


Thanks to whomever reads this! Your time and thought is greatly appreciated.

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