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What a week

Posted Nov 15 2009 10:02pm
This week has been... indescribable. A lot of things have been happening. But let's get back to health. I went to physical therapy at the beginning of this week and won't be going for another three weeks. This Thursday I will be getting my tonsils out, so I need to spend some time focusing on that operation.

I am pretty proud of my dilator routine. I usually make excuses, but this whole week I've been doing the exercises at least twice a day. At this point I have made it up to medium plus, which is the largest I have. It still hurts quite a bit upon insertion, but then the stretching exercises don't bother me. It also gets a lot easier each time I insert in one round of exercises. I'm not quite sure why this is, but maybe I am training the nerves to become desensitized.

This hasn't been a great week for sitting. I'm hoping this doesn't correlate to me being able to work out again. All I've been doing is 20 minutes on the elliptical and arm exercises.

I feel like things have been very structured in my last posts, more like lists. So I leave you with a poem I just wrote. I'm learning to appreciate things in life more and doing things that make me happy. Hooray!

arise from your slumber,
you cannot walk your path if you do not wake.

face the darkened silence and shadows,
the moon will show you the way.

free yourself from structures and boundaries,
you cannot climb with this extra weight.

forget what has been and defy what will be.
this single step is all that matters.

fight through doubt and definitions.
let each moment shape your Being.

find yourself and make peace.
the dawn has given you wings.

fly past the sunrise, over your mountain.
your soul has been set on fire.

arise from your slumber,
Wake, so that your adventure can begin.

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