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What’s a broccoli cupcake?

Posted Mar 05 2010 9:27am

I was recently asked “How did you come up with the name “broccoli cupcake” and what’s the project all about?”  I thought it only makes sense to answer this question as my first official post.  So here goes.

If you continue to visit the full back story that led to the name and the creation of the blog will likely reveal itself, but for now, let’s keep that long story short and just say that for a long time I struggled, off and on, with health issues…my own and my children’s.  Not big scary issues like cancer, but small issues, issues that were hard to put my finger on, but that left me feeling tired, cranky, irritable, overweight, underweight, struggling with allergies, emotional, and worst of all, very anxious.  I didn’t feel all of these things at once and many of the “symptoms” came and went, but it wasn’t until anxiety attacks became a daily struggle that I came to a realization.  I’m not healthy, and I’m not happy and that’s a really crummy way to live.  So I decided that 2009 would be my year to achieve WHOLE HEALTH.  So began my journey to find a complete picture of health and hopefully a little more happiness.  For me (and my family), this meant a lifestyle change.  So broccoli cupcake is about our journey, as a family, to improve our health and in turn, find a greater level of happiness.  It’s about finding balance between the “good for you” and the “mmm…sooo good.”  There’s a reason people say “at least I’ve got my health” because without our health can we truly be happy?

So what can you expect when you visit broccoli cupcake?  

First, you’ll find insightful articles from interview with experts in various fields related to family and women’s health.  (I might as well put my journalism degree to work, right?) You will also find stories and ideas based on our daily attempts to be a happier, healthier family including workouts, activities, recipes, tricks for getting your kids (and your husband) to eat healthier and more. And on occasion you might find a ranting or raving about a product, news story or something else that has me really excited or really aggravated because most of the time the media doesn’t hold up to my reporting standards as a mom.   Whatever you find, I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to exploring “where happy meets healthy” with you.

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