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Posted Nov 02 2009 7:05pm
I remember when i first started having this problem.... I heard that the pain could just disappear without reason, so everyday i would wake up and go, "ok does it still hurt"? And of course it did. It actually hurt more everyday than the day before! I want to share this one experience that i had seeing a doctor in Clevland OH. I was in my search for doctors that had answers, and i decided to try Clevland Clinic, because it was so highly respected in the Medical community. I found a Doctor, i can't remember his name off hand but i called his office and asked them questions as to weather this is the right kind of doctor for me to see. They assured me that he could handle my case and suggested i make an appointment. I was still apprehensive so i requested that i send over my medical records for the Doctor to review, because it seems every doctor will see you then when you get there and they look at your records and hear your story they say "oh well I don't see what else i can do for you that hasn't been tried". So i waited to hear from the Doctor after sending my records over, and i called to check and they said "oh yes of course!, the doctor looked over the records and said he could help you!". I was so excited that i actually heard the words from someone that said "we can help!". I made the appointment and drove to Clevland which was a 4 1/2 hour drive. I had to leave my house at 3am to make it there in time for my 9am appointment. I didn't care as long as i could at least get some answers. I made it and went in to see the doctor, told him my story as he listened very closely and asked me many questions, which some other doctors hadn't asked. This made me feel more confident... he wanted to perform his own exam, which to all you girls who know what i'm talking about is so annoying for the fact that this was probably the 10th Doctor i had to get examined by... anyway after his exam his findings were NOTHING! Well what do ya know! NOTHING again! he said that there was NO hope for me and that there are lost of patients that he has that come in with this same problem and he has no answer other than its vulvodynia and there is no cure for that what so ever. I was so upset i actually felt like i couldn't hear him speaking even though i could see his lips moving. I thought for sure that this guy was going to have something for me? His secretary said that they COULD help? I left there feeling so awful. I was torn to pieces. I never realized that there was a condition that you could actually get that Doctors didn't know what it was or what to do about it, and i had it..... I don't want to leave this blog without saying that guy was a MORON! I finally found Dr Goldstien in DC and he told me a lot about what is going on with me and what my problem is and how there are ways we can fix it and he assured me it was no big deal, and i would get better some day. He was correct! I am a little better, and my mind can rest knowing what is actually causing this weird pain, and there are lots of women with the same problem. I feel so bad for the women that see that Doctor in Cleveland and don't second guess him... I can't help but laugh at how much that guy didn't know. He really shouldn't be giving medical advise in my opinion. I actually told my husband after that, that i was going to start sending him in to talk to these doctors and i would wait outside and if they didn't have any good news just to not tell me and we would just move on to the next doctor, so i wouldn't feel as hopeless that i did that day. 
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