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Watch Andrea Slow Down. Watch Andrea Drop Pounds. Watch Andrea Feel Great!

Posted Dec 22 2012 3:58pm

I’ve been Type-A my whole life.

When my kindergarten teacher asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, I threw my little hand eagerly into the air and said, “I want to be the first woman president of the United States!”

My sordid 20′s knocked out any realistic presidential bid, but I have been throwing myself into projects, competitions, sports, and “movements” ever since.

So it makes sense that many of my clients would have the same tendencies – here’s a brief profile of many clients, including Andrea, who I’ll tell you about in a minute:

  • a high-profile, demanding job
  • career focused, relationships may play second fiddle
  • friendly competition is always welcome
  • played sports in the past, thinks “daily doubles” (twice daily workouts) is the way to lose weight
  • a lot of self-imposed pressure
  • perfectionist

Andrea was just this type. In her early 30′s, she came to me when her company, which she co-founded and built, was on the brink – it was either going to be a huge success or a major failure, and she didn’t know if she was going to be a millionaire or moving back in with her parents next month.

Yet she knew, deep down, that this was the exact right time to start taking care of herself – to focus on her self care, and get her body back in shape. But Andrea resisted my recommendations at first. She just couldn’t understand how slowing down was going to help her get the body she wanted.

But here’s what else was going on for Andrea:

  • insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • recurring yeast infections
  • emotional nights full of anxiety in front of her computer, working late into the night
  • lots of travel for work
  • erratic eating schedules – some days she would have 3 meals, sometimes 2, sometimes 5
With a few dietary tweaks to help clear her body of the yeast infections, our real goal was to slow things down.
See, Andrea was in constant stress.
Her sleep was disturbed and her heightened state of anxiety, which she thought was the thing that kept her motivated and focused, was actually keeping her weight on due to the stress hormones flooding her body.
We made self-care and slowing down a priority.
Within a month, Andrea was sleeping through the night – which she hadn’t experienced in years.
Her mood was more stable, and her yeast condition was clearing up.
She was dropping pounds slowly, easily, and finding a steady, relaxed rhythm to her life.
She realized that forcing herself to “work harder at being healthy” wasn’t working.
Slowing down, taking time for herself, and listening to her body did work.
Now Andrea is making friends with her body, not forcing herself so much, and feeling well.
Winter is an especially good time of year to slow down, make yourself a priority, and try something new – listening to your body and giving yourself what you really want. Rest. Good, wholesome food. Relaxation. Love.


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