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Want three timely tips for aging well?

Posted Apr 14 2011 12:00am

Aging man face Do you ever wonder about how aging is going to affect you?  Do you worry about creaking joints, thinning hair and maladies of all sorts creeping up on you like a garden vine run amok twisting you into some ungodly hardly recognizable version of yourself?

It's no surprise that most of us don't look forward to aging.  

When we aren't ruminating about getting older we lament about the loss of our youth.  

Have no fear there is good news coming out of research on aging, which talks about building cognitive reserve as an insulator to the effects of aging. 

Dr. David Bennett, who directs the Alzheimer's Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, describes "something scientists call "cognitive reserve" — extra brain capacity. It compensates for whatever damage is accumulating."

Dr. Bennett goes on to say, "Having a purpose in life, conscientiousness, social networks, stimulating activities — all these things seem to be protective in terms of how your brain expresses whatever pathology it's accumulating."

I think this is great news because these variables are all things that we can work to develop.

Listen to NPR's full story on senior moments and cognitive reserve here :.

Read  the full NPR story here .

What do you do to improve your cognitive reserve?

Let's talk about these questions by clicking on the comment button below. 

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 photo credit: country_boy_shane's photostream, flickr



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