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vaginal Burning won't stop! Can anyone help please!! ?

Posted by ecandy

I am VERY frustrated and thought I would try writing on here to see if anyone can help and/or has been through similar problems.

I am currently not on any medications. I am taking acidophilus once a day- (1 billion CFU's.) I started taking this a couple of months ago at the recommendation of my doctor.

In July 2008 I started experiencing a burning sensation with a lot of discharge. I thought it was a UTI (Had one in Jan. 2008 , Feb, 2008, and off/on throughout previous years. Went through a series of tests for the UTI's back when and nothing abnormal was wrong. ) I would just take antibiotics whenever I got an UTI. For years i have not changed my body soap , made sure underwear are clean, dry, cotton. I use unscented menstrual products and toilet paper. I do not  douche, use deodorants, or feminine hygiene sprays and no baths. I did not have an UTI this time and began to experience symptoms of yeast. So I was given 2 time dose of diflucan. This helped a little, but not a lot. For a time frame of the next 5 months I was treated with a series of creams, antibiotics and diflucan. Creams made me burn worse, antibiotics accelerated the growth of yeast, etc. Nothing seemed to help and it seemed like a daily endless cycle of misery! Finally, after taking diflucan for a 2 week period all seemed to be going well and I had no more symptoms of anything.

During this time the doctor checked for BV, did pap smears/cultures, checked for all STD's/HIV, PID, glucose levels, urine, etc. etc. All were negative!

A month and a half goes by with little to no symptoms. I skip a period and the burning and snotty discharge starts again. This time the doctor checks for 4 different strands of yeast. In the meantime while waiting for this test result-  She puts me on diflucan after she says it looks like yeast for a period of two weeks and sends me to an OBGYN who runs a bunch of other tests- BV, yeast, pap/cervical, Strep B, etc. etc. their was no yeast from the testing of the 4 strands or during the time of the new test. The Dr. did say i had an "overgrowth" of strep B and prescribed antibiotics for 1 week. I experienced an increasing burning sensation during this time, so she prescribed more diflucan. Of course the diflucan did not help there was no yeast and pretty much the antibiotics helped nothing either! When i return to the OBGYN i was burning the day before with a clear to white discharge (sorta snotty) , but not the day she checked me. She said everything looked fine and she did a yeast slide which she says was fine. Then the very next day the burning starts again and the discharge starts back up. (still burning and its been a little over a month now!)

Now the OBGYN says there is nothing else for me to do- as the discharge I get is clear to white (sorta snotty) and is normal. My periods are erratic and painful so maybe it is hormone related? The OBGYN did biopsy, checked for endometriosis, polycystic cysts etc. All of that is normal. The OBGYN says  there is nothing to do for the burning except possibly give me some cream that numbs the vaginal area because there is nothing else wrong with me. She also says the snotty thick discharge is normal.  She told me to take an antihistamine to see if this works. She says some women even experience an increasing sensitivity to mucus - something to do with the nerves. There is no pain around the vulva area and I am at a total loss as to what is wrong with me or what to do anymore. Also, I am not sexually active because it's too embarrassing with all the goo!!  All this snotty discharge and burning cannot be normal!!

Thanks for any advice, help, suggestions!
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I have a very similar problem.  Mine started around July 2008.  The burning and irritation seems to occur around my period either before or after and sometimes both but never during.  Sometimes I will even get swelling or a shooting pain through my clitoris.  I have been to several doctors and have had a lot of tests and they always come back negative.  And that includes different types of yeasts. They all look at me like I'm crazy because they can't see any problems visually either.  The doctors don't have an answer for me.  One doctor gave me estrogen cream but I have not tried it.  I am hesitant to try anything that is not natural. 

I have also questioned the discharge like you have.  I will occasionally get the discharge you describe just not in ample amounts but it burns as well.  Other than that I don't have any discharge at all and it just feels very dry and irritated. 

Do you ever have frequent urination when you have the burning sensation?  I have all the signs of vaginal dryness due to menopause but I am only 32 years old.  I am very confused.  I use frangrance free detergent, natural frangrance free body wash, etc. and no purfumes of any kind. 

If you get any sort of answers please let me know! 


I went through very similar symptoms.  After being tested for EVERYTHING under the sun and always coming up normal and being misdiagnosed with yeast so many times, I took manners into my own hands.  I am a microbiologist, so I performed a covert vaginal swab in the bathroom at work and stained up and put it under the microscope.  Based on what I saw (Gram positive rods and cells) combined with a little research I determined that I had an overgrowth of Lactobacillus, which is a normal organism of the vaginal.  But sometimes, spikes in estrogen levels (right after ovulation) cause an over growth, with thick white discharge and burning.  The burning is caused by the organism irritating the walls of the vagina and the epithelial cells slough off, which is exactly what I saw under the microscope.  The is refered to as Cytolytic Vaginosis because it often happens every month on a cycle.  The remedy is to raise the pH of the vagina.  This can be done by taking a baking soda (NOT POWDER) bath.  Two inches of water with 3 - 4 table spoons of baking soda.  If the discharge is really bad, I will douche using a solution of 2 cups of water and one table spoon of baking soda.  Doctors always tell you not to douche, but it seems to help.  I don't know why doctors refuse to acknowledge this.  They always prefer to write a prescription 1) because it's easy and 2) they think it satisfies the patient.  I hope this helps a little.  I suffered for 5 years and saw over 20 doctors.  Sometimes I still have flare ups, but the baking soda helps.

Hey folks,

I've been experiencing burning oustside my vagina and in the vulval region for about a wekk. This is my first time and initially I thought it's body heat flushing out from my mucous outlets. My periods are approaching and I don't have any discharge or itching, just burning. Also, I have apthae/ulcers in mouth and my soles burn. I'd had sole burning for years in summers and for sure this is a heat outburst in my body. I'm a doctor (Homoeopath) and I know for sure that this is not Candida nor BV. I was suspecting that my body has gone hyper acidic and there is some Ph issue. After reading your posts, I'm almost sure about what I have. I haven't seen a gynaec yet but I hope to see some after 15 days if the condition doesn't resolve after the research.

I've noticed that:

1. Stress increases the burning and when I divert my mind, the burning tends to reduce. So try to keep yourself STRESSFREE, though doing that is the toughest when it burns. When you concentrate more on your vagina, you'll feel more burning, so start focusing your mind elsewhere.

2. Water, water and water!!! Water helps to pacify the acidic levels in your body and hence drinking plenty of it will surely give you some relief. It will make your blood, urine and vagina less acidic.

3. I'm going to try Citralka/Alkacal/Oricitral today to see how it affects. These solutions are given orally in urine infection to make the PH alkaline and I want to try whether this works on vagina too. Will update you on how it went.

4. It certainly looks like CT (Cytolytic Vaginosis) by symptoms (though I'm not sure in absence of any tests) .The burning started right after my ovulation and is worse as menses are approaching. So, I'll take baking soda sitz bath today and will tell you how it went.

5. I've been taking yogurt a lot for the last few days thinking that it will reduce my body heat but guess it has worsened the case, so NO YOGURT.

6. The burning comes and goes, more after my meals (hope because the body PH increases because of the acids in the stomach), in the night and sometimes mornings when I deliberately start thinking about it. So keep a watch on your routine and when it hurts more.

7. I have Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria (Skin Allergy) and I'm on Cetrizine 5 mg/night for about a year. Hope the medicine is not  triggering it, though it is anti-allegic by itself.

8. Going for a walk and cooking alleviates my complaints, might be because I'm engaged and in a healthy mood. Sleeping worsens because all I do is think about that shit. So start walking, cooking and going physical.

9. I also had a feeling that there is some hormonal imbalanace, could be with estrogen, so there is dryness. But 'm just 31 and I've a daughter who's almost 1 and a half, so I can't think of Vaginal Atrophy here.

10. I've not had sex for the last 2 months because my hubby is over-busy with work and projects. I think keeping sexually active also helps in mainting normal hormone levels and reduces stress. Practice some if you don't. I'll surely do that after my menses are over.

11. I'll get back with further updates. Keep posting.

I am going through this now for a month and a half. My discharge is not "snotty" but thick and white and it burns the skin. I wake up swollen every morning and if the thick dis isnt there I am just plain dry which makes the burning even worse. I am 39 and am told since I have a period my hormones are fine. I haad similar symptoms last year around the same time and ended up having BV. This  year all tests say negative, for EVERYTHING. I also had that shooting pain in my clitoris! A few visits to the chiro to have my back adjusted made that go away. The burning and swelling and dryness remains. I had steroid injection along with oral prednisone prior and thought it was yeast. The doc thought yeast as welll since when I saw her I had a chunky discharge. She game me 2 Diflucan and that didn't help. Then we got the labs back and the yeasts were negative, she said she still thinks I had yeast, well, then why am I still burning. I tried douching with baking soda water, but it was irritating. Using any type of natural oil for the dryness burns as well. I have uric acid and drink 3 liters of water a day and for 2 weeks now have been on a strict alkaline diet. My urine has been 6.7 to 7 for 2 days now consistantly. But this hasn't helped. The person above has not updated :( I have read about estrogen dominance and it seems I have the symptoms of that, but isnt it estrogen that keeps our vaginas from becoming dry? This is so frusteratig. I cant even walk so I haven't been to the store or anywhere except chiro for over a month. My family has to do the cooking and cleaning it is that bad.

Hi basically i have had thios burning sensation for  over a year now, the doctors have done tests after tests and cant seem to find whats wrong with me, i have lost 1 job because of it, im not sleeping as its always burning. Ive stopped having baths, i dont drink fizzy pop anymore, i dont use soap any kind of fragrances down there. I cant seem to understand why it is always burning, it all started when i first started having sex 1 yeard ago :/ i have had trouble with my periods since i started and they seem to make it worse. can anyone help as the doctors dnt see to bo and its getting beyond a joke :( 
Hi, I have had something like this for about 2 years and no doctor can figure it out.  I have a burning sensation around my vaginal opening and a lot of discharge thats white sometimes very liquidy and sometimes snotty.  I feel like the discharge makes it worse. I'm in soo much pain when I have sex so I can't.  I went off birth control in july of this year to see if it would help and it went away for about 2 1/2 months and then it came back alomost worse than before.  I haven't went back to the doctor just because I hate them telling me theres nothing wrong with me. I'm always told its a yeast or bacterial infection but it has to be something different than that. Any Help??
I was wondering if you would discuss your symptoms with me. I have almost the same symptoms and at a loss for what to do about it.
I have the same symptoms as you do. I was wondering if you ever figured out a cure for it. Please let me know if you have.
i have these symptoms but im 15 years old and im scared.. im not a virgin. i know its wrong but i made a mistake. well this started around two days ago and my vj burns on the outter like the skin and well i dont what to do because i cant tell my mother i am not a virgin and with that i cant go to a doctor. 

I originally began this thread to try and figure out what was wrong with me. After 4 years and alot of trial and error I have learned a few things. :) Most of the doctors were quick to offer birth control or an oblation to solve the problem. I turned down both. Most of this seems related to hormones and as time progressed the only thing they could possibly find was high cortisol. I began getting mouth sores, upset stomach, other digestive issues as well as anxiety/brain fog for no apparent reason(s).

In the end--For the vaginal burning I used rePHresh. Within 4 months it reversed all of the burning/discharge. I now only have symptoms once in a great while. Two month ago (after 2 years of suffering) I started taking Phospatidly serine (PS)- a natural 'supplment'. Since this time every single symptom has disapperared completly. Although I have a bad day once in awhile it is a night and day difference.

I don't know if this will help anyone. I just thought I would write something just in case. :)

This might sound weird, I thought so before I tried it.  My sister told me to use a clove of garlic as a supository....and it helped soooo much almost immediately.  After I used Monostat 1 my mild YI got 1000 times worse, i must have had a reaction to the monostat.  I've read that the 1200 mg version sometimes is too harsh.  Well, once it's in there, it's in there.  The itch and rawness was aweful, and then my sister said she tried garlic.  So after making sure you peel the protective skin off the clove, make sure not to cut it since the juice could burn sensitive skin, she told me to just put it up there.  I did and got relief almost immediately!  Try it, you won't be sorry.

I'm a Medical Lab Tech, so I took matters into my hands too. I saw tons of bacillus, epethileal cells, low pH, NO clue cells or yeast. I'm wondering if there isn't some new strain of Lactobacillus that we are ingesting from all this probiotic craze out there. Just a theory. My condition started emediately after my daughter was born. Every month since 2009. I also developed a psoriasis patch on my elbows and as soon as they heeled it came up on my knee and never heels. It gets worse at the same time the bacillus infection gets worse. 2 months ago my labia would turn Bert red, chap, and shed. So it's getting worse for me. I'm still breastfeeding, so I wonder how that plays in. I tell the gynocologists all this but they are too busy to pick up a med journal, or google it, they just prescribe. One prescribe sonething knowing I was breastfeeding, that said in bold DO NOT TAKE if breastfeeding, causes cancer in lab rats! Into the trash it went. Another proscribe diflucan, I asked if he saw yeast, and he said, just 1. He then said he saw a lot of bacillus. I asked if that was normal. He said no, I asked if he knew the cause. He said no. This was a month ago. I googled, "too much bacillus" and finally had my answers. My symptoms matched. I called the doctor back and asked if he had heard of that condition. No, of course not. He did say I could come back and he'd do a culture. What makes me mad is I saw him at the height of inflammation and he totally ignored my horribly chapped labia, no yeast present, the tons of bacillus, and epethileal cells, and acidic pH. He wasn't even concerned, or curious what all these abnormal symptoms might mean. I have no faith in the medical system. It's all about money, how many patients can I squeeze into 8 hours. Gotta make that BMW money. This condition is so painful, the baking soda doesn't really help me totally. I want to know if there's an antibiotic to kill all the lactobacillus so I can start over. I also want to know why my psoriasis flares up at the same time. I think I'm old before my time.

I have noticed that every time I take probiotics, I get the worst vaginal burning ever. The Cytolytic Vaginosis theory has officially been debunked by the medical community, but I personally can't deny the link between the probiotics and the burning. I would maybe back off of the probiotics for a while and see if it helps. Good luck to you and I feel your pain!

I had this problem about a year and a half ago. When all of the tests come up normal, but u still have burning, there is a very good chance it's all happening because of trigger points and tension in your pelvic floor muscles. If youve never heard of this and it sounds ridiculous, I get it, because so many doctors know nothing about it. But after different physical therapists and specialiss, I found myself at Renew Physical therapy (check out their website- they are in new york, but hav a week long "boot camp" for patients out of state). You learn how to relax and release these muscles. It takes a long time, but you have to train your muscles to relax, so it may take a while. 

So many things can trigger the muscles to clench up. Mine started after getting off birth control and it felt like i had a UTI.  after many rounds of medecine, i had no infections bt i still had pain. I find a specialist in northern virginia (dr andrew goldstein). and he feels the muscles inside my vagina (not sexual at all- dont be freaked out) and said the muscles in my vagina closest to my perinum were really tight. when the muscles are clenched up, oxygen and good blood flow cant get to the muscles, which causes lactic acid build up, and causes a burning sensation- mine was now in my pee hole and entrance to my vagina. oh, and sex hurt alot. he reccomended physical therapy. jump ahead a yr later and my symptoms have improved alot bt im still not 100%. i go to renew pt and find out ive still got trigger points on my left side that were not being addressed at all by my othe physical therapist and they each me how to release these, with weekly hmwk. 1 out of 3 women deal with this and it isnt talked about at all. get the book Ending Female Pain and alot of question will be answered. (ending female pain was written by the owner of Renew PT- she was actually one of my PT's the week I went there (i did the "boot camp" because i dont live in new york). be open minded to this. its been a month since going there and tho im not 100% yet, i know that if i keep up with it, i will get better. you hav to b in warrior mode sort of. haha. time, patience, faith, and dedication will get you a long way in this kind of healing process. 

p.s. acidophilus wont help your vaginal flora. Something like iFlora multiprobiotic from douglas labratories (amazon) will have the kind of good bacteria that will make it to your vagina and that will benefit it. acidophilus is just for your stomach
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