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Posted Apr 01 2010 12:00am
This post is inspired by an article sent to me by my history professor. Please go read it in its full absurdity here .

I really only have one thing to say after reading this.
Dear TV Networks,

I have to hand it to the creators of this commercial. You have to be awfully imaginative to make a tampon commercial without saying... vagina. Do television networks really think they're fooling anyone by not mentioning the word? I mean, where do they think the tampon goes? Despite what She's the Man portrayed, it's not in the nose... I don't understand when this became such a dirty word. As humorous as this article is, it's simultaneously incredibly depressing.

Anyway, my personal challenge to each of you is to bring up vagina at least once in public conversation today. Please comment and let me know how it goes.

I just have a quick update about treatments. I had an extremely rough week sitting. This past Monday I had to leave my three hour seminar class because it got so painful. I went to the bathroom and composed myself and then came back and just stood for the remainder of the class. It was frustrating and I was also so nervous that it was partially in my head.

But then I had my appointments yesterday and Dr. Kellogg examined me and I had huge amounts of tension in my piriformis and my adductor. Not only did she inject four needles into my vulva, but she injected those two muscles as well. I have attached images below in case
you don't know where the muscles are. The good news is the injections don't hurt that much into the muscles- they are very tolerable and over in a matter of seconds.

I'm happy to report that sitting today is much more tolerable- so I believe the injections are working. Other than that, I'm continuing to go to PT- my pelvis is still out of place every time I go, so we continue to adjust it back. I also have my MRI this Monday in NYC for my right hip. I'm hoping I don't have a tear, but at least I will know soon enough. That's all for now. VAGINA!
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