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Posted by Sophie Z. Facebook

Hi I am a 46 year old female and have had a uti infection for 7 weeks.  I have been on macrbid 3 times, sypro 3 times and amoxicilian once.  Every time I finish the course of antibiotics I get retested, the doctor tells me that it is still there.  He has cultured the urine twice and the culture comes back negative to any bacteria.  I still have symptoms of lower abdominal pain( not as bad now) and i still deal a with a lot of nasea.  I dont have any problems peeing, as a matter of fact i am not thirsty and i do not have the urge to go to the bathroom.  In a day I may go 3 or 4 times and that is it.  Can you give any suggestions as to what this might be or what my next step should be?



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