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Urinary Incontinence: Information And Treatments

Posted Apr 23 2013 6:22am

Do you have repeated urination and do you have to run to the bathroom to avoid getting wet? The urinary incontinence  is very common especially among women and to avoid you should learn to master the muscles of the bladder.

urinary incontinence is very common especially among women and to avoid you should learn to master the muscles of the bladder

There are many treatments to alleviate  urinary incontinence  as the origin of it. Generally  urinary incontinence  can occur after childbirth or stress by that someone is subject, among other causes. If you suffer from this condition it is recommended that you clothe your daily routine and your diet. Broadly speaking, the key to mastering it are:

  • Try to reduce caffeine as far as possible as some studies have emphasized that causes more urination.
  • Eliminate rich in acidic foods or spicy food from your diet as they can irritate the bladder. It is better to opt for high-fiber foods.
  • Try to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy weight as it attract no infections.
  • Pay attention to the amount of drink you take a day. It is much better to drink liquid gradually throughout the day and not just once, as the bladder may not process it well.
  • Urinate frequently and used clothing that is comfortable and easy to remove when you need to go to the bathroom.
  • You can use  special exercises  to master the bladder muscles and strengthen them, as Kegel exercises. It is very helpful to  strengthen pelvic muscles  and improve urethral sphincter function and rectal.
  • Smoking is a habit that you should avoid because it can provoke coughing and this would increase the chances of developing  urinary incontinence.
  • Look at all the symptoms you suffer for the doctor you toward the best treatment.
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