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Update, Part I

Posted Jun 28 2010 12:00am
It's only been a week, but as usual, I have a lot of information. I didn't want to try and squeeze it all into one big post- I find people are more apt to read if it's shorter and concise. I wanted to copy something Caryolynn from Cherry Hill. She is a therapist and you can find her website at . She emailed me and said the following
I'm particularly interested in helping women who have lost interest and pleasure in sex and working with their partners who navigate that journey with them. There are so many reasons a woman might avoid sex, it could stem from exhaustion, to relationship problems, to painful sex experiences, and whatever might fall in between. I enjoy helping these couples reconnect, strengthen their relationship and enjoy a fulfilling sex life!

I know you are all from across the world, so Caryolynn might not be the answer, but therapy could possibly be. I know I shouldn't be talking since I stopped going after two visits to someone near school, but I think it's important to do. I'm having difficulty opening up to anyone, so I know it's something I should work on and I urge you all to do the same. We have control over our life. Maybe not medically speaking, but everything else is ours for the taking. And don't you think life has taken too much from you already? It's time to make a positive change.

I'm exhausted, but I'll update tomorrow about all the new medical information I found out this week. Also on a personal note, I have just finished filming for a True Life episode for MTV. It's actually called True Life: I can't have sex, but it centers around me and two other women with similar medical conditions. It's set to premiere July 22nd at 10pm. I'm hoping it raises awareness for all of us, so check it out if you can.

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