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Posted Apr 07 2011 4:17pm

It’s not a disease; it’s a condition.

So says my fantastic doctor, Dr. Margo Minissian.  She said it in just the right way, too.  Not downplaying it, instead, focusing on the positive.

After all, when you have a ‘disease’, you sound so, well….sick

Let’s compare. 

1.) Disease: an impairment of the normal state that interrupts or modifies the performance of the vital functions.

2.) Condition: a usually defective state of health.

Both definitions have a certain amount of right to them.  After all, who among us would argue that chest pain et al ‘impairs our normal state; or impairs our functioning.”  And, clearly, who would argue that our state of health is ‘defective’.


It feels more like a matter of he said/she said.  Take your pick; Heart Disease or Heart Condition.  Now, say it aloud.  Which sounds better to you?  I’m leaning towards condition.  It sounds like something I can fix.  Something that might go away in time.  Something that won’t kill me.

The Hear and Now Asking you, dear reader, to say both aloud may seem a bit odd.  But listen to the words as you speak them. 

Heart Disease.

Heart Condition.

Decide which is better and incorporate it into your vernacular.  Who knows, saying it aloud might make it go away after all.

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