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Two Resolutions for the New Year!

Posted Jan 03 2011 11:43am
The only two resolutions I plan to make for the new year are to live healthier and spend more time with friends.

As we age, it is more and more important that we live healthier. With rising cost on health care, etc, it is even more important to live healthier. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend my money on entertainment or new clothes than on expensive prescriptions and other medical needs. I get really frustrated with some of my friends and family that do the opposite. In fact, check out your insurance or company policy on preventive health. My health insurance is offering a health assessment tool that awards you a gift card for completing the assessment! Wow, making money and staying healthy, now that is a thought. If your employer or insurance company does not offer any help or initiatives, check out sites like RealAge. Found others? Share with the Bikinis and Bifocals Community.

Spending more time with friends is also very important for our health. At least I think so. I plan to make more time for my friends and less time for cleaning the house! We started the year off yesterday right – friends over for lunch and family over for dinner. Not that I will do that on a regular basis, but it is so great to see friends over the holidays, why not make an effort to do more throughout the year. I think it is sad at the end of visits we say, we need to get together more, and then the year slips away. Perhaps I will just send out random invites to groups of women for lunch, dinner or other random activity throughout the month. Not only is it better for your health to have others to connect with, it is a great source of information! I get the best advice from my girlfriends.

Here’s to a happy and healthier year!
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