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Turning Desire Into Something More

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:12pm
I am frequently asked how I came up with idea to start my wicking sleepwear business, Lunar Radiance. The basic answer is simple: necessity. I was experiencing night sweats and found wicking pajamas by accident. As my husband and I sat at dinner that night, and my pajamas were still in the bag, we started discussing possibilities. You see, I had always had in the recesses of my mind, the desire to start a business. I always admired people who took an idea and ran with it, and created a business. I guess I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but just didn't have a direction.

Once I experienced the relief that was provided with this remarkable product I began to think....hey Eileen, what are your waiting for? Millions of baby boomer women are in the same boat. I had never heard of wicking sleepwear, and I am on the internet all the time; why not spread the word? So, from those simple questions, an obvious need and an innate desire, and hours of tireless research, my journey began.

Do I have a business background? The answer is no. I have been a teacher for 28 years, but I can read, listen and learn. Am I a computer guru? The answer is no. However, I can read, listen and learn. As I began the process I realized that there is a wealth of information, resources and support available as long as you are eager and willing to read, listen and learn and to put in the time.

Now, I am not naive enough to think that just because you have desire every idea can be turned into a lucrative business; there has to be a market. (That's an entire blog entry in itself) The steps in the process of turning an idea into a full fledged business are numerous and at times exhausting, but it can be done and the personal satisfaction is indescribable.

I love this business. I get excited when I get an email from someone who has reaped the benefits of the wicking sleepwear I carry and are finally sleeping better. I am gratified when a woman, who has found some information from my resources page or my newsletter, tells me that she found help or could relate in some way to what I had written. I become energized when I am networking with other baby boomer women who are engaged in thinking and creating. I feel an immense sense of pride when I look at my website. What was once notes and drawings on sheets of paper, is now up and running and evolving, changing and expanding.

It is true.....desire can be turned into something more. What is your passion?

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