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Turn life's curveballs into wake up calls

Posted Aug 02 2010 12:00am

Curve-ball550sig Sometimes life hurls curveballs at us out of nowhere. 

This morning my husband received an email from a relative in Germany letting him know that a dear cousin and her husband, Brigitte and Helmut,  were tragically killed in an automobile accident last May.  Of course, we always expected we would visit them again when we 'got a chance' to visit Germany, some time in the future.  Now that is not a possibility.  They are gone, snuffed out in an instant.  Their time on earth has reached its conclusion.

Life's curveballs can come in the form of an unexpected physical diagnosis, a close call while driving a car or tripping and almost breaking a limb.  These out-of-nowhere life happenings have within them elements of 'wake up' calls.  They are a big tap on the shoulder by the universe to stop sleep walking through life and pay attention to what matters most to you right now.

Are you living your life in a way that brings you the most happiness and contentedness that you are able to have?  There is a lot of talk these days to improve your life.  We have been 'Oprahized' in many ways. The self-help, have-a-perfect-life movement is saturating our lives in such a way that we can become paralyzed to change, for fear it won't be perfect enough.

Wake up calls are Scooby Doo moments when we say, " Ruh, roh , my life is running a temperature, it doesn't feel so good.  How can I have a better, more satisfying life?  What's really important to me?  How do I find it?  How do I make it happen?"

Of course, the answer to these questions are as individual as a grain of sand glimmering on a beach or a snowflake gently falling to lay gracefully on the ground.  The good news is that change is an imperfect process because humans are imperfect creatures.  You needn't worry about about whether you are changing fast enough or in the 'right' way.  What is most important is to take a good long lingering look at yourself and see where your change points are.  Nobody know this better than you.

Give yourself the gift of re-imagining your life, your priorities, your purpose, and see what wonderful nuggets you discover.  It has a great potential to reduce the number of regrets on your Things I wished I had said or done in my life list.

Rest in peace, Brigitte and Helmut.

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