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Tuesday Tips: No Sugar Cocktail

Posted Dec 13 2011 7:55pm

Tuesday Tips: No Sugar Cocktail

I hate Splenda. There I said it, but it isn't hard to find a sweetener that tastes good because there is Truvia! I use this for my tea, I keep some in my purse in case I mosey on into a Starbucks and buy an unsweetened tea. But since this is the site of a drinker on a diet I figured I'd share my fave cocktail drink recipe and how to have it when you are out with friends for a drink.

Vodka Collins 
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Making at Home:

  • I use a short round glass (what are they called? According to Absolut it is called a Rocks Glass) approx. 7fl.oz.
  • In a cocktail shaker mix all these things:
  • Ice cubes
  • About a shot of your fave Vodka - measure with a regular shot glass to get approx. 1.5-2 fl.oz. (If you try to cheat and get lime or lemon vodka, you'll end up with a higher calorie count thanks to that lovely sugary flavoring!)
  • Sugar Syrup - Make your own by heating up water and about half with Truvia (no sugar!) Heat up until the Truvia is dissolved. Or if you are lazy like me, I like my drink quick, so I just put in the Truvia as is into the drink.
  • Lime Wedges - Squeeze in the Lime juice
  • Lemon Wedges - Squeeze in the Lemon juice
  • Shake it all up and put into your glass. Then top it off with Club Soda. Yum!
Making when at a bar/restaurant:
  • I'll ask for a Vodka with Club Soda (I guess I could call it a Collins, but I don't wanna risk any other fixin's put in it. 
  • Ask for Limes and/or Lemons on the side
  • Mix in your Truvia packets (1-2)

Calories are approx. 100-150 depending on how much vodka and which brand vodka you use (approx. 100 Calories per 1.5fl.oz.) It might seem like a lot but it is less filling feeling than beer and you'll need less to feel it. I tell you, two drinks and I'm a chatty cat, good for the night!

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