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treatment of lymphangioma in Homeopathy

Posted by Reecha

I have swelling on right side of lower back. 

MRI conclusion : Diffuse area of altered signal involving the subcutaneous tissue of lumber back in region with cystic and fibrotic areas within suggest lymphatic malformation.

Lymphangioma circumscripta. 

 Is there any treatment in Homeopathy. 

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There is treatment available for lymphangioma but you have to consult your nearest HOMOEOPATHIC doctor. he wil definitely treat your illness completely.i cant tell your treatment in this manner even if i know DUE TO SOME REASONS. consult your nearest homoeopathic doctor.


Dr. Bhavin. j. Sanchaniya M.D(HOM).

four month old baby has been suffering from lymphangioma of orbit.Please advice for better treatment in homeopathy. Thanks.
Four months old baby has been suffering from lymphangioma of the orbit for his birth. how can i start treatment in homeopath,kindly help me.

Please dont expect that medicine can be given without taking case history and without seen patient

There is nice treatment available for lymphangioma in homoeopathy. Each and every case is not reversible it depends on case

Start homoeopathy treatment and hope for best you will definitely get benefit


There is also treatment for infertility special note for childless couple in homoeopathy becoz i have treated 3 cases 4 pending

There is also treatment for renal stone many cases treated

Haemangioma of left lobe of liver treated with homoeopathy one case

Cholelithiasis treated 3 case with homoeopathy

So patient should not get worried early and start allopathic mode treatment start homoeopathic treatment or ayurvedic treatment.  

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