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Treating Post Partum Hemorrhaging

Posted Nov 14 2009 12:13am

Post Partum bleeding is not abnormal. After giving birth, it is experienced by the mother. I knew that as I already gave birth to 3 boys prior to my delivery last Sunday. I experienced bleeding for a time after giving birth. I bleed 2 to 3 days after giving birth. Onwards, I don't bleed that much, just some few blood drops.

I was alarmed when I gave birth to my fourth baby. I was induced to labor and it was my fourth, making me at high risk to Post Partum Hemorrhaging. I bleed heavily 24 hours after I gave birth. I was at lost first but then I remembered what my Obstetrician told me. I need to put a cold compress to my tummy and need to massage it. I need to have contractions to prevent excessive bleeding.

if I have not been alert, I guess I would have to be treated in the hospital. I bed rest for two whole days and massage my tummy and put cold compress on it. It was hard but after two days, there are no more excessivebleeding and I was relieved.

Now it makes you wonder, what are the sign of excessive bleeding?

As for me, I knew I was bleeding heavily when I discharge blood clots that are bigger than ordinary discharge. According to my Obstetrician, the ordinary size is of grape size and I got an orange sized discharge!
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