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Travel Stress and Making Good Food Choices

Posted Sep 18 2008 12:00am

Do you ever feel stressed when you have to travel, whether corporate or personal? You know how it is, you try to get everything done at work before you leave which may entail coming into work earlier or staying later. You feel so stressed that you don’t have an extra minute to spare. Then you find yourself making lists so you don’t forget to do anything before you leave. Then, you have to pack and figure out what to bring and whether it can fit in your suitcase. Will you be able to fit in several pairs of shoes for your outfits? That, in and of itself, can be a chore. In addition, if we are traveling by air we have all of the new TSA regulations: can we bring our toiletries and how much? Is toothpaste considered a liquid? How about a deodorant spray or mascara? It can be mind boggling. Then we have to get to the airport several hours before our flight to get through Security. Once are there, we need to eat because airlines don’t serve meals anymore.

 What are the food choices when we travel whether at an airport or on the highway? Well the stress will cause us to run right to the Cinnabons bit we can’t do it. There are certainly lots of fast food restaurants to give you high calorie and high fat selections but we have to be smarter than that. If we are trying to lose weight or even maintain we don’t want to waste our calories on quick meals, especially if we are spending the day traveling and can’t burn those calories off. Fast food can be doable if we make good selections like salads with protein and reduced calorie dressing. Also try a cheeseburger without the bun or a grilled chicken sandwich at Wendy’s without the bun. If you are going to a full service restaurant, try any kind of protein grilled or broiled leave off the high calorie sauce or gravy, take a side salad and vegetable. Always remember to drink low calorie beverages like water, seltzer or club soda, Crystal Light, diet sodas or coffee, tea, iced tea unsweetened or using low cal sweeteners. If you watch your calories when you travel you will be able to splurge a little more when you get to your travel destination and you can enjoy it more.

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