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To Women Who Want To Shrink Their Uterine Fibroids Fast But Don't Know How To Get Started

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm

The Fibroid Cure exposes the facts about conventional medical treatments for fibroids. You'll discover what your options are, and the side-effects your doctor will be reluctant to tell you about:

  • The common fibroid drugs that blocks your chances of getting pregnant by as much as 99%, and cause leg swellings, abdominal pains and nausea (page 18)

  • The pharmaceutical used for controlling heavy bleeding which increases your risk of developing serious cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks, and damage your digestive system (page 18)

  • A common drug that shrinks fibroids - but mimmics male hormones, leaving you with weight gain, facial hair, deep voice, depression and acne! (page 19)

  • What you should never take if you have circulation problems or asthma (page 19)

  • Detailed information on your surgical options. What each procedure entails, the recovery times, side effects and the truth about their effects on your hormones and future fertility (page 19)

How To Reduce Menstural Pain
And Heavy Bleeding Immediately

You will also get information on how to have a normal period, and reverse all the side effects associated with fibroids and dysmennohrea

  • How to stop abnormally heavy bleeding, clotting and spotting in between periods. You will no longer be worried about leaking menstrual blood through your clothing and bed sheets (page 25)

  • Two over the counter pills that can help the pain, reduce bloating, swelling and inflammation and stop cramping while reducing the severity of bleeding (page 26)

  • Four things you can do to help yourself TONIGHT, and why you should not use tampons if you're experiencing pain during your periods (page 27)

  • What to eat, how to cook it and which supplements to take to reverse anemia and tiredness associated with heavy periods (page 27)

  • How to restore your love life, by taking these simple steps to relieve pain, irritation and pressure during intercourse (page 28)

  • The effect fibroids have on your fertility, ability to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Which fibroid types are most likely to affect your child bearing, and what to take to improve your chances of getting pregnant fast (page 29)

  • Do you have digestive problems? Constipation? Discover the simple dietary changes you can make tomorrow to help your digestion, and reduce the chance of developing hemorrhoids (page 31)

  • 5 tried and tested practical suggestions for managing your fibroid symptoms (page 31)

Fibroid-Fighting Foods...
And The Foods That Cause Them

You'll also discover the simple nutritional changes you can make, to relieve your fibroids (I've even included my favorite recipe... it never fails to cheer people up!)

  • Common food toxins that feed and increase your fibroids, and the simple food that dissolves them (page 34)

  • Hidden chemicals in everyday foods that mimmic the hormones that cause fibroids to form. Which foods are worse for fibroids, how to extract these chemicals and what to eat instead (page 36)

  • The optimal ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates for fibroids (page 37)

  • Five fruits that fight fibroids. These fruits are rich in antioxidants, and compounds that assist your body in eliminating waste, and shrinking fibroids (page 38)

  • The delicious vegetable groups (trust me, everyone likes them) that contain vital trace minerals to eliminate your fibroids ... and most importantly which part of the vegetables you MUST eat to accelerate your healing (page 39)

  • Two common and frequently overlooked vegetables that keep your gynecological health in top condition (page 40)

  • Which food group to throw out of your home immediately - they lack fiber, cause constipation and increase toxicity, which prevent your fibroids from shrinking (page 42)

  • Food groups that help your body extract excess hormones and increase the absorption of the nutrients required to combat fibroids (page 43)

  • Foods to avoid if you are serious about getting rid of fibroids in minimum time (page 44)

Supplements That Halt Fibroid Growth
And The Remedies That Shrink Them

I also explain to you the supplements I recommend for women with fibroids, including the vitamins used to eliminate fibroid symtomps, and the natural remedies I use to shrink them.

  • Which 3 supplements to take to protect your reproductive organs and stop free radicals from damaging your DNA (page 48)

  • The vitamin deficiency related to heavy bleeding. When you take a supplement, you will will reverse heavy bleeding 92% of the time (page 49)

  • A plant-based compound you can take to inhibit fibroid tumor growth and regulate your hormone balance. 82% of women who took this compound received excellent results (page 50)

  • How to relieve water retention and breast tenderness, and help your liver to detox your body and balance your hormones (page 53)

  • The supplement you must take to relax your uterine walls, stop cramping and produce the prostaglandin your body needs to shrink fibroids (page 56)

  • The supplement that restores blood flow and blood clotting ability to normal, and how much to take. This is absolutely essential if you are affected by heavy bleeding (page 58)

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies for dissolving fibroids, which have worked for thousands of years. Which treatments will work best for your specific situation and how to identify them (page 61)

  • The acupressure points you can stimulate with your fingers to relieve your symptoms and shrink your fibroids fast (page 68)

  • Step-by-step instructions for a Chinese abdominal massage techniques that return your reproductive organs back to a normal healthy state (page 72)

Common Household Substances
That Sabotage Your Health

Did you know that specific items in your kitchen, bathroom and dressing-table could be causing your fibroids? You'll discover what these are, so you can eliminate them from your life, and speed your recovery:

  • Which household chemicals, cleaners and other items are highly toxic and cause damage your your tissues, liver and kidneys... and most importantly, damage your uterus and fibroids (page 85)

  • Why all women - particularly those with fibroids should stay away from products containing Bisphenol A, plus a list of the products containing this harmful toxin (page 88)

  • The food groups that throw your hormones out of balance, expand fibroids, and skyrocket your toxicity levels... and your symptoms (page 89)

  • The simple detoxification methods that prevent and help eliminate fibroids (page 91)

The Herbal Remedies That Shrink Fibroids
And Cure Them At The Root Cause

You'll also discover my secret weapon for beating fibroids. Herbal Remedies:

  • The herb that stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone and triggers ovulation. It's vital to take if you want to restore your fertility to normal while shrinking your fibroids (page 102)

  • How to reduce cramping and heavy bleeding with this "female herb", and the oil that reduces breast tenderness and inflammation (page 102-3)

  • Chinese healing herbs for fibroids which balance the hormones and help you deal with stress. Best of all, it's completely safe for long-term use (page 103)

  • The root that cleanses your colon (important if you have digestive problems), balances your hormones and stops you from retaining excess water (page 104)

  • A capsule that's scientifically proven to shrink fibroids, boost the immune system, stimulate the lymphatic system and help your body get rid of the toxic substances sometimes held in fibroids (page 105)

  • The Indian bark used for hundreds of years to treat ovarian and uterine fibroids, and reduces heavy bleeding by acting acts directly on the uterus’ muscular fibers (page 107)

  • General tips of herbs, explained in simple language including the easiest ways to prepare and take them (page 108)

The Good News Is You Can Get Started
In Less Than Two Minutes! - Click Here for Free Information

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