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Tips for Quick Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted Jul 01 2013 6:29am
After the breast augmentation surgery, the recovery period is important. Make sure that you have a detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon about the period of recovery. Follow your doctor’s advice carefully to enjoy speedy recovery and good aesthetic results.

Given below are some of the essential things that should be kept in mind especially during the recovery period:

>> The diet for healing

When the wounds are healing, zinc, proteins and Vitamin C are the nutrients that have to be promoted.  These can be obtained through nutritional or multivitamins supplements. Milk products, meats, green vegetables and citrus fruits should be consumed.

>> Strenuous activities should be strictly avoided

It is very essential to rest and relax. You should not exercise at least for a period of four weeks. No heavy lifting should be done.  Driving should also be avoided for a period of one week. This is because a lot of discomfort and pain can be caused and the recovery delayed due to these activities.

>> Be careful of the wounds

The site of operation should be treated with extreme care. Proper care should be taken to see that the wounds are not wet at least for a week. This is because the wound can be aggravated by the moisture and the process of healing can be slowed down. You should sleep on your side or back and prop yourself up with pillows to remain comfortable.

>> Watch out for complications

The plastic surgeon should be immediately informed if unexpected symptoms or severe pain are being experienced. These include excessive, unexpected or unusual swelling, burning sensations, colored or smelly discharge from the wounds, deflated breast, aching, lumps or high fever. Prescription of antibiotics may be required for the same.

>> Tight fitting sports bra should be worn

With excessive movement, discomfort and bruising can be caused. It is recommended by many surgeons that a sports bra should be worn to minimize movement. This is of great importance especially during the early recovery days. During this period, with excessive use of the chest area or arms, bleeding and irritation can be caused.

Probably, you will feel fatigued for some days after the breast augmentation surgery. Hence, proper rest is extremely essential.  Some tightness will also be experienced in the breast area. Breast massage and other exercises may be recommended for speeding up the process of recovery and for alleviating discomfort. Thus, the advice of the surgeon should be followed well and proper care should be taken.

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