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Time for a Reality Check

Posted May 05 2009 6:02pm
As our economic climate worsens, some experts predict minority owned business - including those owned by women - may take some of the worst hits. Here ares some tips on how you can survive.

-by Colette Bouchez -

While most of you know that RedDressDiary is a blog concerned with mostly personal health and self care. So you might think that a post on economics has little to do with either one.

Truth is, the "health" of our economy - and your personal economic situation - has as much to do with the health of your body mind and spirit as anything else.

Which is why I want to tell you all about " Reality Check - The Irreverant Guide To Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition " by Guy Kawasaki. It's a brand new book - just out today - and it's something every woman who's looking to survive these tough economic times has got to read.

Whether you are a business woman who's heading up the Fortune 500 ladder, or a stay-at-home Mom working in your PJs from your home computer, this is a book that will absolutely guide you through these terrible economic times and give you the oxygen you need to take a breath and hang on.

Among the valuable lessons you can learn: How To Raise Venture Capitol ( and who doesn't need some of that now!) ; How to Market Your Business ( even during a time when no one is buying anything); How to Sell ( when no one is buying anything!) and perhaps most important, how to adjust your business communication skills at a time when talk is cheap and action is everything.

You'll discover the most effective ways to blog, speak, schmooze, suck up- and when to suck down , and basically get a crash course in everything right you should be doing now to protect yourself, your money, your business, now and in the future.

My absolute favorite part: The Lessons on How To Do Good. At a time when we are all so tempted to swing to the evil side just to get by, Reality Check shows you how and why temptation may be your worst business enemy now ... and in the future.

All totaled it's a virtual survival manual for any woman looking to get through these tough times without so much as breaking a heel on her stilettos.

I don't often wax poetic or rave irrationally about a book - or even a jar of anti aging cream.

But when something works - it just works. And trust me on this one - Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki works.

Click here to learn more about the book ... you will be amazed. Really.

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