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Three methods most give force thoroughly dump small fat

Posted Jan 11 2011 6:58am

Three methods most give force thoroughly dump small fat

Cause fat immediate cause is the long-term energy excess, hence control energy intake and increase energy is the treatment of obesity can be dispensed with two pillars, this is a pair of original life rule, dietary habits thorough transformation, need has great willpower and a series of effective measures.


1. Adjust the diet is the foundation


In order to achieve the purpose of insist for a long time, we must follow the "effectiveness and feasibility, sustainability" principle. There is no obvious hunger premise, to limit the staple of total intake (starchy foods lack of full abdomen feeling, can stimulate appetite, reason is unfavorable eat more), strictly limiting sweets (low molecular sugar), high fat food (Fried foods and nuts food) and alcoholic drinks. Encourage eating more vegetables (especially white vegetables, such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, water bamboo, lettuce, bamboo shoot, turnip, etc.) and fruit. Change your eating sequence (eat first big volume, hot card low vegetables, eating after volunteers). To nibble slow pharynx, eat less fast, don't eat not to dullness and buffet dinner, completes the midnight snack prohibit eating healthy meals daily diary (record), in order to strengthen self-discipline.


2. Aerobic exercise is secondary


In the adjustment of the diet of time, we should encourage doing aerobic exercise, namely movement during inhalation of oxygen and human consumption rough balance of mild activities, such as walking, jogging, playing elastics shuttlecock, tai chi, riding a bicycle, etc. When motion heartbeat is unfavorable exceed 145 ~ 155 beats per minute, and with no feel tired after activities for the principle. Proper exercise not only can increase energy consumption, but also can promote the synthesis of protein inside the body, thus make the person feels spirits, have a kind of inexplicable "health feels".


3. Proper medication


In addition, proper medication is sometimes necessary lift. However, less hope drug exert its "reduce weight" effect, as through regular prescriptions, doctors can prompt understanding of losing weight, thus the progress in treatment process was targeted medication and psychological therapy.


Note: only eat meat is not workable


For years abroad had to be popular many high protein and fat, low carbohydrate diet and the result of reducing weight the body produces a lot of urea, uric acid, and in order to discharge the waste, the body of drainage, causing the water had to lose weight so sharply declined obviously, thus make people mistakenly believe that reduce weight effective.

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