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Three Consumables Women With PCOS Should Avoid

Posted Jan 21 2010 5:08am
There are certain types of foods to avoid with PCOS that can really aggravate your condition and make it worse. Choosing the right foods involves considering the effect your diet will have on your insulin level, as insulin resistance is a factor that causes PCOS.

If you are suffering from elevated blood sugar levels your body's response is to create extra insulin to remove these excess blood sugars. If this is keeps occurring over time than your body becomes resistant to the insulin.

If you are releasing too much insulin, your other hormones such as estrogen are being effected. This imbalance is known to be a common factor in the onset of PCOS.

With this in mind here are the three groups of foods that can really help women to reverse their condition.


When you are trying to keep your blood sugar levels at a minimum then you are going to want to skip fruit juices.

Instead consume more water, or at the very least drink juice that has been watered down.

Refined and Processed White Breads

White breads are made from flour that has been processed to boost taste. They are rapidly absorbed into your system and will rapidly boost your blood sugar levels. This in turn will lead to the problems related to insulin and your hormones.

Non-Organic Chicken

Non-organic chickens have often been regularly injected with hormones to help speed their growth so they can sell more to the consumer. This creates bland tasting chicken for one but is also a way to inject more hormones into a body already suffering from hormonal imbalance.

If you are tired of being a slave to PCOS symptoms click below to discover more on what to eat with PCOS to help cure this condition.

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