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This Makes Me Happy

Posted Dec 29 2013 1:09pm

IMG_7741 No, not that picture – that actually makes me dreadfully unhappy.

We got a pretty decent deal on our house – the sellers had dropped the price by 6% because it hadn’t sold at the original listing price.  I’m not claiming to be an interior design expert, but I have watched enough HGTV to know that peeling paint, teal walls, and ugly taste particular furnishings do not make for a quick sale.

One thing that would have been a cheap upgrade, (other than painting the walls a color that didn’t assault my eyes) is change out the old outlets in favor of new ones.  Half the outlets in the house are still 2 prong, and all of them are painted over in whatever ugly color someone chose at one time (forest green anyone?).  Standard outlets and plates run very cheap (less than $1 each) but to save ourselves yet ANOTHER project in the short-term we were initially going to just paint over the outlets for the time being and then upgrade them when it made sense to from a money and time perspective.

Cut to two days ago when the removal of a light fixture to paint the ceiling shorted out half the house and me having an anxiety attack.  We called an electrician  and he walked us through resetting the electricity on our whole house, free of charge (have I mentioned how much I loved Angie’s list?).

So now, we have decided to get an electrical update on some of the outlets that don’t have power (we are not experienced enough to handle that) and update the outlets and other electrical plates in the house. So for less than $2, my dining room light switch looks like I actually care.  It’s hard to see the original color of that outlet which was a pale beigey yellow (not to mention the plate cracked when we tried to pry it from the wall from years of paint), but I assure you, this is a VAST improvement.

Light Switch

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