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This is just to say

Posted Dec 13 2009 10:53am

(I love that poem.)

I am alive and doing okay. Not great. Not horrific. But I'm getting through.  I started therapy again so I can figure out how to best care for myself and the girls, and what role I can play in ensuring our marriage survives.  After some discussion, plain talking, and blunt reminders, Todd has scheduled his first session for Monday.

There are some large hurdles in front of us.  Some habits and issues we've left untouched and unresolved for years now.  I'm balancing between hopeful and realistically cautious.

Thank you all for your kind comments and checking in on me.  I am still working too much and I've dropped a ton of weight (a direct result of the stress and worry).  But I'm finding ways to strap that air mask on myself first so I can care for those who depend on me without pulverizing myself in the process.

I'm glad I've taken time away from the blog to save for myself.  Thank you for giving me the polite permission I needed to do that.  It will still be a bit before I feel like getting back to it here.  But I do know that I will be coming back.

Christmas is here, and Hannah's birthday is around the corner.  FIVE.  Yeah, I know. I can't believe it either.  The new year should also bring a number of work opportunities and choices.  Lots going on.  So please, kindly, stay tuned.  And thank you again, for being there for me.  For the umpteen-millionth time.

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