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things you should know

Posted Jun 18 2011 10:07am
- I'm still alive.
- I'm in the middle of the busiest summer of my life, taking classes and getting ready for PT programs.
- I'm currently memorizing all the bones of the body.
- I go to physical therapy twice a week. Started laser stim and iontophoresis for my piriformis. I'm only on my second treatment, but will write more detail if they have an effect.
- I run every day. Far. I lost a lot of weight. I lift every other day. I want to run a half marathon next year. Exercise is my free time away from the stress of class.
- My increased exercise fires up my piriformis muscles even more. Sitting in classes all day is so difficult. But I don't want to talk to my professors about it or my classmates. It was much easier at my undergrad college to make connections and explain myself. Now I'd rather push through.
- Exercise makes me happy. Being strong makes me happy. I'm not going to stop, even if it would reduce my daily pain. Physical pain < mental pain
- I might be getting a PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection in August in the piriformis region. It takes your blood, converts it to plasma, and puts it back into the problem area to help damaged tissues. It's experimental in that region. I have to wait until I am off iontophoresis before I can get it done.
- We still have no idea why my piriformis muscles are so hypersensitive and tight. I think it's by far my underlying problem because it's increased pain levels affect every area around it.
- I'm going back to Dr. Kellogg on Monday to get more injections in the vulvar region, hoping we can at least get that issue back on track.
- The world is full of so many chairs without cushions. I hate hardwood chairs.
- I read each and every one of your emails. I do. I haven't responded for a few months now because it's a little too much to handle. But please remember I'm here, fighting with you.
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