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There Are Things In The Entryway

Posted Jun 03 2014 2:04am

il_570xN.568665077_1wot Having lived in small apartments my whole life, the entryway often consisted of a hook for my keys (if I was lucky enough to have room for it).  When I got my first place on my own I invested in this thing – which was as fancy as it got.

When you walk into my current home, there is somewhat of a walkway along a large empty wall. My dining room is incredibly small – no room for an actual buffet, but this wall seemed like a perfect place for some narrow storage, a few pretty things, and a place for my keys.

Let me back up for a second and proclaim my love for painters tape. I actually don’t use it all that often for painting rooms. I do find it helpful for taping up windows, but I find cutting in to be a much better use of my time for ceilings and trim. I never realized just how useful painters tape is when it comes to decorating a house where mistakes are costly and must be lived with instead of immediately fixed. When I had no clue what sized rug to get for my room, I outlined the dimension options on the floor with painters tape and used that as a visual guide. When I was planning on buying a sideboard for the entryway, I figured 5 feet long was the ideal length. How did I know?  Painters tape!


There was enough room for the front door on the right to open with some wiggle room, and I centered it (as best as I could) on the wall. Now all I needed was the cabinet itself.

Traditional interior design theory recommends that your home should be “curated and collected over time.” That’s nice for people who like curating and collecting over time, but I live in a world where impatience is the strongest driver of action. I want my house to be done yesterday if not sooner. So I took my non-curating budget and did some research.

I briefly considered going the blogger fauxdenza route  with wall mounted white Ikea kitchen cabinets wrapped with stained wood (which would have been lovely), but I decided against it.  One piece of furniture would be immediately perfect and seemed far less permanent – it would be easy to paint the wall or change out for another piece.  The fauxdenza seemed a bit more permanent and a lot more work. So I decided to try and find a cool vintage piece.

Apparently everyone else in Los Angeles also was also shopping for a cool vintage piece – prices were way beyond what I was willing to pay.  Sideboards 5 feet long were for the most part $800 and up.  The ones that were cheaper needed a whole lot of work (and not to mention a truck rental to bring it home).

As much as I love Ikea, I kind of hate that so much of my furniture is from there and I really tried to avoid making my home look like a showroom (which can be challenging given my modern taste, limited budget, and proximity to an Ikea).  But the Stockholm Sideboard was just too pretty; and the price – while a bit more than the usual Ikea fare – was excellent for my purposes.  It’s most certainly one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen from Ikea. stockholm-sideboard__0178735_PE331596_S4


And the rest came together pretty cleanly and easily.

The art is a print from an Etsy shop called GeometricInk . I really love graphic and patterned art and fell in love with this water color print of origami birds. I asked the artist if she could create a larger custom print for me, and she kindly obliged. I ordered a size that would fit the Ikea Ribba frame (without the mat) – so while the art was pricier than I’m used to, the frame was still very reasonable.


The lamp is actually West Elm – which I snagged at a movie prop sale a few months ago. It had a different shade than the original, but for $25 (instead of $129 plus tax ), I wasn’t complaining. The letter holder is from CB2 and I’m hoping that it solves the case of lost mail for the rest of time. The pot and fake plant (is there a word that describes incessantly killing indoor plants? planticide? inplanticide for baby plants? being terrible human being?) are both Ikea.


The candle stick holders are both CB2 – and I actually really love how they look without candles in them. The yellow dish for our keys is actually an appetizer plate from Target .  I like how the gold and while patter looks with the wood, black, and white.

IMG_1461 I like to keep things minimalist so I’m pretty much done with the top of the credenza. I may find – ahem collect and curate a chair of sorts on the left hand side but I feel pretty good about the current state.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in   key-hook-letter-organizer-land  anymore.

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