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The struggle

Posted Jan 16 2013 12:49pm
My attempt to keep my pregnancy talk to a minimum is not working. Right now it is impacting my running world - so you get to hear about it. :)

This is my second child, as most of you know I have a wonderful 5 year old who is really amazing. If you have had the chance to met you would understand. I am pretty sure that we are not AMAZING parents, but in the words of Lady Gaga, she was born this way. For a first pregnancy she was easy. I never had a contraction, I never had a fake contraction and over all my pregnancy was uneventful. That is unless you count delivering early due to pre-e. That was on me though, she was content to stay in the womb as long as she could. 2 weeks early and she was a healthy 8lbs 1oz.

This time I am a scared. First of gaining a million pounds. I have been sicker this time around then I was with Evie. I have been eating carbs, carbs and oh more carbs. The sickness is starting to lift, and I am getting closer to the second trimester so I am hoping I can control my eating. Secondly, I had a doctors appointment this week. The doctor did a quick ultrasound to check the size, and the baby was moving around like crazy. So much that the doctor commented on how much it was moving, when I told her my first on was mellow the entire time. She said, I don't think this one will be. Eeek! Please let the doctor be wrong, please! 

Overall things are going well but staying motivated to workout is tough.  I am sure I will say that a million times over, but my lazy gene is kicking in.  I feel like I need to give myself a reward chart, like I would use with my daughter. I workout for 30 minutes a day I get x prize! :)

How is your week going? Are you motivated in January or is hard for you to get back in the grove?
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