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The Strength of a Woman

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:43pm

There are times in a woman's life that makes them strong due to challenges, and battles. I found this photo shared on Facebook and decided to share it also.

This is so very, very true even in my own life. I at one point for a number of years loved beyond all faults, but it was never good enough, many, many days and nights that I cried behind closed doors for a number of years, loss of loved ones, loss of my marriage and the dream of till death do us part. And then finally fighting the battles of being a single parent with it's reputation "assumed" by others who do not know my story, the looks I get for getting any state assistance because I am financially classified as poor and not being able to provide my son with things as I would so much like to do. But then there are the daily reminders of my health which is not good, working towards getting better, but some bodies are broken down because of cancer, hysterectomy, epilepsy, migraines....oh hell just old age! Then there is the reality of watching my teenage son grow up and looking at the fact that one day before I know it he will be off on his home and I will be an empty-nester all alone except for my two cats Henry and Josephine. I often feel that people who try to understand, they really don't unless they have walked in my shoes. A person who has not been there can sympathize, but can not comprehend what is going on in my life, why I cry, why I worry about money, and so on. They try to offer advice that just goes in one ear and out the other because it does not make sense. Today as I sit here writing recovering from my latest bout of illness has made me think I am so fortunate to have my family and friends around including God. If it was not for my prayer group I would have not made it safely to and from work last week with the seizure activity and constant fever, plus the additional car problems I have now. Yes there are other battles I have but not one I choose to share.

Let us all remember to think about our blessings and be thankful that God, family and friends have pulled us through. 

To those of you who have been fortunate enough in life not to have struggles and battles, please thank God for that, because you do not ever want to be on the receiving end and in our shoes that many of us women experience in our own lives especially mine.

I pray for you all, please understand that I am writing from my own heart, soul, and experience and have hope that this will touch someone who really needs it in a special way. Remember I am here and have been there, I do understand.
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