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The past few weeks

Posted May 02 2013 10:44am
So, I'm still waiting for the approval from the AMCB to schedule my certification exam to become an official CNM.  Yes folks, I took that comp exam and passed it way back on 4/10, electronically submitted my application to AMCB, paid my $500 fee, and am still waiting to schedule.  Sigh.  Good things come to those who wait ......... patiently.

In the meanwhile, I've been working on L&D, as usual.  There are some days when I think to myself, maybe I'll just stay working as an RN, but with a fancy degree?  Then things happen, and I think to myself, geeze, why couldn't I have that little title of CNM after my name and be working as one RIGHT NOW?!? I'm a bit contradictory and conflicts rage in my brain.  But darnit, I am ready to move on over into my CNM role!  I'm scared at the thought of much higher responsibility and liability, but super excited about the fact that I will be able to have a greater function/role in helping women during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I have noticed that the docs at work are much more trusting in my thoughts and opinions on how to manage labors.  One doc in particular is taking a more proactive, woman-centered approach in actually asking the woman what SHE wants to do.  Score!  He also outright asks me --- how would you manage _____ ?  Then he and I actually have a discussion on management options, possible outcomes.  Holy crap --- I'm feeling much more like a colleague!

I recently had a family member thank me for being so thorough and complete in my care for a more complicated pregnant patient.  It really felt great to have a family member take the time to say "thank you" like she did.  I was only doing what I felt was best in caring for this person -- even if it meant triple and quadruple checking with the patient with how she managed her illness at home, so that she would receive the utmost excellent care in the hospital setting.

Well, back to prepping for my certification exam!!
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