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The odds and ends and big projects of clinicals

Posted Dec 05 2012 12:26pm
So, other than the normal office days and hospital call times, the life of a student midwife is filled with all sorts of other little (and big) clinical projects and papers.

Each day at clinical: fill out a one page form called a daily data sheet.  This includes a grand total of each type of patient visit that day, with space for the preceptor to fill in positives and "needs improvement" free texting areas.  Must be signed by the preceptor and student, dated, scanned, and then uploaded into the student data upload section of my computerized patient data program for the school.

Also, each day in clinical, must fill out a new daily encounter for each patient.  This is all done online in the computerized patient data entry program.  Usually quick to do this, if you just put in the basics (pt age, gestational age if a prenatal visit, gender of patient, type of visit/encounter, free text a little note about the encounter -- HIPAA compliant info).

Each week: fill out a one page weekly reflection of what you did that week.  Strengths, weakness, areas for improvement, goals for the next week, things you initiated for a management/care plan.  Scan and upload into online data system.

Each month: monthly evaluation between preceptor and student.  Two page checklist of goals to have met.  Pre-made by the school.  Should show improvement from one month to the next.  These monthly assessment sheets change from one clinical course to the next, showing improvement and more detail as you go.  Scan and upload into online data system.

SOAP notes: a variety of them.  New OB, return OB, GYN visit, annual exam, primary care visit, early PP visit, late PP visit, newborn exam.  Just to name a few.  Scan and upload.

Clinical course requirements: there are four big assignments ----  one must be done for each clinical course.  A total of four in all.  You can get several done in one course, if you wish.

GYN -- presentation with an instructor.  Review of a specific scenario, how you would manage it.  This is a group thing, and is a GREAT way to review and learn GYN situations/management.  DONE.

Antepartum - case study of a client that you cared for in the prenatal period.  Focus on a variation of normal.  Research it, do a literature review, discuss how you managed the client.  Have a discussion with student peers and the instructor.  All done online, live.  I'm due to get this done this month.

Intrapartum - posting a case study and a discussion of management over the course of several weeks.  I still have to do this one.

Postpartum/newborn continuity client -- a big one.  Includes a journal with lots of exams documented, reflections, culture and all sorts of fun.  I actually am in the process of working on this now.  This is a long term project, and will actually take 6-8 weeks from start to finish.  THIS is what midwifery care is about!  I love the extra contact with the client and her family from birth and beyond.  Wish I had more time in the day and days in the week to be able to do this with all clients.

Needless to say, this student nurse midwife has been super busy the past several months!!
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