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The lesson not only our children should learn but the country as well!

Posted Aug 06 2010 9:42am
I really don't want this blog to be about politics, but at this point I just need to say something. And what I have to say falls back on a conversation I had with a woman who was my mentor 25 years ago!!!

I was a young intern in an office and worked for the most amazing woman. She did not have a degree, but her knowledge was wide and deep. One day when talking about family and children, she said, I believe we only owe our children two things - 1) an education and 2) teach them how to take care of themselves! As I grew older and had children, many times I reflected back on what she said and thought how wise her words were. In fact, now with all the government bale outs and people wanting something or nothing, these words are wise ones for the citizens of this country as well.

An education is something that is never a waste of time. It is something no one can take away from you and it brings back rewards as long as you live and choose to use it. So many children in this country, as well as the parents, do not value what we offer as free in this country! An education is so valuable. But parents have to participate and children need to be engaged to get something out of it. Although there may not be tuition in the public funded schools, parents and children must invest time, hard work and volunteerism to make the school system work for them. I was a constant volunteer at the schools my children attended and it was worth every minute of my time to give to the school. My volunteerism also taught my children many valuable lessons that I am now seeing in them as they become adults. But sadly so many today just want something for nothing. It just does not work that way.

But I think the biggie of her wisdom was the second thing my mentor said we owed our children - teach them how to take care of themselves. Oh how true. One of the many benefits of this lesson is later in life you will not have adult children depending on you or the government! Simple things like instead of sewing on the button, teach them how to sew on the button! I believe so much of my success was the ability to take care of myself, find a solution to any problem and take responsibility for all my actions. Novel idea today!!! It seems so many in society don't want to take care of themselves, let the government take care of it. So sad. Take care of it yourself. I am not saying there are no sad stories out there, but there are many sad ones that took the adversity in their lives and turned it around.

Just this morning there was a news story of a young black teen, who his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he had been robbed near his home, etc, but through it all he had dreams and he survived and succeeded to the point he graduated at the top of his high school class. He did not set back and say "someone be responsible for me, my success and my happiness", he took control and came out a winner.

A friend of mine wrote on her face book page today, I have to go to work today, there are people on welfare who are depending on me. I know there are many without jobs, but it may be that many will have to take a step back to take a step forward. Twice I took a cut in pay to get in the door of an agency. And it opened more doors and lead to other successes. So many say to me, oh the only way I will change a job is for more money. But it just may not lead to happiness or success. You never know when a new opportunity may come up in a change you make or a chance you take.

So, Mr. President and all the politicians, let's get some programs that will help create jobs, encourage business development and create an attitude among people that encourages hard work, independence and the desire to take care of themselves. Life is too short to wait and expect others to make us happy, etc. Let's go out and make this a better world, be positive and have a great day!
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